Polyurethane screens
Great alternative for metal solutions, they are widely used in places, where their resistance to abrasion and corrosion is the most beneficial. Progress Eco offers polyurethane screens in diverse dimensions, from 30 to 60 millimetres thick and different shapes. They are also self-cleaning and reduce noise to improve the comfort of work.
Progress Eco
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Loaders - www.dressta.com
Elite machinery for the most demanding tasks on a building site. Dressta is well-known and appreciated for superior durability of their wheel loaders and other machines included in the offer. The equipment is extremely powerful and support efficient work at the same time. You can also request a special feature you need.
Visit the website and contact the company experts to get your modern or traditional piece of practical furniture delivered right to your doorstep. Tegre offers great prices and great quality of fitted, walk in and sliding door wardrobes manufactured in a variety of styles. From simple, highly elegant, to lively colours, they all are a great addition to your bedroom!
Www.u-Valuehousebuilder.com - Home Extensions
Operating in Galway, Dublin and other Irish cities and town, the construction experts are at your disposal. Specialising in home extensions, new build houses and renovations, U-Value team provides a full range of services you need to make your building safer, energy-efficient and more spacious. Contact us!
Eurojumper S.C.: Bungee trampoline
Comprehensive offer, including additional equipment (plastics and harness) makes Eurojumper the place to look for a bungee trampoline. The prices are attractive, the quality of every product is great and you can always count on professional help in choosing an eurobungy. See the complete offer of products for 1 to 4 persons.
Eurojumper S.C.
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Pressure tanks
A comprehensive list of industrial vessels manufactured with the use of solid steel and adjusted to individual needs. Niwa manufacturs pressure tanks designed to store water, gas and other media. The offer includes as well hydrophores, scrubers, filters (carbon and candle), destillation columns and others!
Przedsiębiorstwo Usługowo-Produkcyjno-Handlowe NIWA J.J. Niwa Spółka Jawna
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Dewatering centrifuges | Spomasz
A wide range of industries employs the devices to separate solid particles from liquids. Spomasz has constructed dewatering centrifuges for gas and petroleum mining, sewage management facilities as well as food industry entities. The offer includes other devices as well, such as roll driers, solutions for sheath production and more.
Spomasz Wronki Grupa SFPI Sp. z o.o.
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Speech Therapy Tools - Http://www.speechtools.eu/
Terry Cloth Finger Puppet, Flexi Cup, Oral Scale and a number of other products can help you and your children tackle their speaking disorders. PJ Therapeutic's online store is a place where you can find speech therapy tools manufactured by leading brands in the industry. They were all designed in cooperation with medical experts.
PJ Therapeutic
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Desk for salon and reception
Practical, elegant and simply stunning projects will allow you to pick the furniture for your front office, which highlight your company's image the best. MDD offers modern salon reception desk on the basis of unique projects. You can pick your colors, types, sizes and other parameters to fit the space in your workspace.
Polish polythene bags manufacturers
Soft loop, T-shirt, sinus, standard market versions, ecological as well a thermobags and numerous other options. FROGUT PLASTICS belongs to the best Polish polythene bags manufacturers and cooperates with the best, well-known brands, chain stores but also with much smaller companies. Choose your shopping products!
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Wireless - HDMI sender
The main advantage of innovative CCTV security systems is their reliability combined with great picture quality, as well as the absence of any cables and the need of their installation. CDS-5HD TV is a wireless HDMI sender applied in a wider variety of places and environment. See more on the CAMSAT website.
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Corner sofa beds
Functionality in your living room? It is not only possible, but very well demanded! Visit Dako Furniture online shop and choose from a wide range of corner sofa beds. These modern elements are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also highly comfortable and solid. Check examples of their usage in UK homes!
Dako Furniture
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Advanced retaining wall systems employing the potential of new, higher quality and more durable materials are available to everyone. Visit Pietrucha website to check the technical parameters of vinyl sheet piling. It increasingly often used to regulate rivers, reinforce embankments or form barriers of different types.
S. i A. Pietrucha Sp. z o.o.
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Travel system pram
The online shop has been created by parents for parents. Which is why you can find here the most practical, useful solutions, such as a travel system pram. Compatible with infant carrier it allows to carry your child to and from a car without disturbing it in its sleep. Check the available stylistic versions of the pushchairs.
Baby Accessories UK
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