Things You Need to Do During Your Spring Landscape Cleaning

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If you are an owner of a property, perhaps you already know that the beginning of the spring season is the perfect time to have your property’s landscape maintained. Shrubbery and plants, which have stayed dormant for several months, are yet to flower back to life. If they still haven’t flowered yet, the climate will eventually be the perfect time to work on things outdoors. And the wasted landscape, which has been forgotten during the winter season, is perhaps ready to shine. However, if you are new to spring cleaning and you don’t know where to start, take a look at Fort Wayne Lawn care’s mini checklist below for some ideas:

Inspect your sprinkler system

If you have experienced a mild winter within the year, there is a lesser possibility that your irrigation system got destroyed by a storm. Still, you need to inspect the heads of your sprinklers whether there is any sort of damages. Moreover, you will have to guarantee that the automatic watering schedule of your irrigation system still has a set timer that functions best for homeowners.

Change the mulch

Regardless of the mulch of your property does not basically have to be changed now, spring cleaning is still a great time to have this done. As time passes by, mulch will usually get blown and kicked across almost any property, which provides the idea that you get lesser mulch than the mulch you placed, to begin with. Your mulch’s deep color might have washed-out so replacing that mulch with a new bed can definitely go a long way to improve the overall feel and look of your landscape.

Don’t forget to prune

Pruning is usually a job that needs to be maintained all over the year. However, the beginning of the springtime could offer a lot of overgrown branches and deal with limbs that require to be trimmed. Not only pruning can improve the whole aesthetic of the landscape of a commercial property, trimming back any dying or dead limbs will promote healthy development as well while the chilly winter season goes away.

Aerate your soil

Because the soils surround the shrubbery and plants on your place have turned to extremely hard during the winter season, spring is indeed the best time to have your soil loosened properly. You can let your soil breathe better once you start to aerate it. As a result, it can add life back to your flowers, plants, shrubberies, and some living things that comprise your commercial landscape.

Eliminate any debris in your landscape

When it has been greater than 6 months since you’ve done a thorough and complete landscaping maintenance project, your managed property would nearly be concealed in random bits of waste, trash, leaves, and some tree debris. Contingent to your property’s size, you will either have to collect any fallen debris using a rake or gather them using your hands. By the way, a great raking job might help in speeding up the development of any new turf on your property.

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