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How to Maintain a Mold-Free Basement?

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Basically, the basement is an area intended to be stored with stuff. So, we usually fail to inspect this space more often, causing it to develop underlying problems over time that we aren’t aware of. Especially if we are inside a room packed with a lot of stuff, we can’t check up on all of them one by one. Because of that, we would love to help you maintain a mold-basement with these practical tips you can use:

Inspect for cracks

Make sure to inspect your basements and look for any signs of cracks in the foundation or walls. Once heavy rainfall occurs, water becomes poured from your roof and trickles down to the ground close to your house. This water force is sufficiently powerful to pierce through waterproofing systems in basements.

When this takes place, it could result in cracks in your walls and foundation. Consequently, mold growth and flooding can be expected. If you plan to have drywall in your basement, make sure to use a professional Spokane drywall installation service to guarantee results.

Keep in mind that one method that experts use to inspect for mold development is through drilling a hole into the wall and utilizing equipment to test the mold. As soon as they can observe mold in the walls, you will be required to have your wood framing or drywall to be replaced.

Use dehumidifiers and fans

Since basements usually lack light and ventilation, they tend to be humid and moist most of the time. This could eventually lead to mold development and can even cause the basement to become even moldier. Thus, when your basement lacks ventilation, you can aid in keeping the area as dry as possible by setting up dehumidifiers or fans inside.

In terms of avoiding the mold or cleaning it, removing the moisture’s source should be your priority. If you have dehumidifiers or fans, you’re cutting off the source of moisture, making it quite simpler to clean the mold.

Inspect your pipes for signs of Leaks

Among the major reasons why moldy basements take place include leaky pipes since basements are commonly a place where there are several faucets, drains, and pipes for your home systems. Typically, such pipes are for a bathroom, wet bar, dyer, washing machine, or basement drainage.

Leaks are pretty difficult to determine because their size is usually small. Hence, to stop water damage and mold development, it’s vital to inspect your pipes regularly for signs of leaks and monitor them always. If you don’t know how to determine where the underlying reason for leaking is, know that hiring an expert is a wise idea to start with.

Regularly clean your drains

Your drains could gather debris and can get easily clogged. When you fail to properly clean it. This can become the best place for mold to develop because things that get drained down are commonly debris, rubbish, and fluids. Hence, it’s vital to clean your drains regularly.

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